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What is a Midrash and what does it require (doresh) - מה זה מדרש ומה הוא דורש

The Midrash is a literary genre that interprets and adapts biblical Tanach texts. Most Midrash files were formed from the fifth century AD and during the Middle Ages. The Midrash books are characterized by similar methods of interpretation, such as completing missing sections in the biblical plot. In the Talmud, one can find passages from the Midrash in high frequency.

Many midrashim are not meant to describe reality as simple, but rather to teach deep and inner ideas that stand behind reality. And especially in the words of morality and Kabbalah, that things are deep, and also stories that seem simple in them have a great and hidden depth about the higher worlds and the correction of virtues.

What is it like? For someone to tell us a parable about a fox talking to a fish, and someone to suddenly make it difficult for him: "But foxes can't talk!", When of course the intention is not for an animal called a fox, but for the abstract idea that the fox represents in a parable. Many midrashim of the sages (HAZAL - חז''ל) of the Torah are meant to represent deep and hidden ideas behind parables and paintings. Without the commentators we would not be able to know when the Midrash was literally intended and when it was said in a parable.

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