Talmud Bavli commentary of Yom Tov ben Abraham of Seville - Ritva to sale

Yom Tov ben Abraham of Seville - ריטב"א

Yom Tov ben Abraham of Seville - Ritvaרבי יום טוב בן אברהם אַשֵּׂבִילִי - (c. 1260 – 1320) - It is impossible to imagine now the page of the Talmud without this name. Spanish  . Famous already in his youth as a scholar, he studied in Barcelona. Beloved and very famous Gemara Talmud Bavli commentator. Active in the first half of the fourteenth century. Part of his name was given in honor of the city of Seville; But he lived in Alcoa de Cinca. He was gifted with a clear and sharp mind, and was a student of Aharon Halevi and Solomon ben Abraham Adret in Barcelona, ​​although it is doubtful whether he also studied with Meir Halevi Abolafia, as some researchers think. He was engaged in a dispute with Rabbi Dan Ashkenazi, who immigrated to Spain. Yom-Bov's many works include valuable innovations on many of the Talmud compositions, and commentaries on the writings of Alfasi and certain compositions of Nachmanides.
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