Rabbi Daniel Frisch is the author of the commentary Matok MiDvash on Sefer Zohar HaKodosh

Rabbi Daniel Frisch is the author of the commentary Matok MiDvash on Sefer Zohar HaKodosh

Baal Matok MiDvash or Rabbi Daniel Frish (7th Beshevat 1335, January 11, 1935 - 14th Beshevat 5655, January 24, 2005) was born in the town of Haydonanesh in Sehungaria to his righteous mother Sarah and Rabbi Naftali Hirtzka. He died in Jerusalem at the age of 70. and 8 days and his burial on the Mount of Olives. At the age of only three, his mother died (Dvash (דבש), initials Daniel ben Sarah). He was about nine years old when the Nazis invaded Hungary, and he lived through the events of the Holocaust there. He immigrated to the Land of Israel at the age of nine. He lived in a well-known neighborhood of Maa Shaarim. He belonged To Hasidot Told Aharon and for the last few years to the Hasidot community Tolad Avraham Yitzchak. He studied Torah with Rabbi Yochanan Sofer, the Rebbe of Maerlev, and then moved to the Rebbe of Hasidot Tolad Aharon. Rabbi Daniel Frisch moved to Hasidot Tolad Avraham Yitzchak and was one of the leaders of the community there.

Rav Frish gave many lessons every day. In the morning he gave lessons in the Midrash to the kabbalists of the Mishkan Binyamin institutions "Anshei Maamad - אנשי מעמד", in the afternoon at the "Shaar Shamaim" kabbalist yeshiva, and in the evening at the "Otzrot Haim" kollel for learning the Ari Torah that he founded. He also gave lessons in Hasidic to homeowners between Mencha and Arabic. For twenty-one years he composed 23 volumes with the annotation "Matok miDvash - Sweet from Honey" from the year 1988 to 1982.

Rabbi Frish, who composed the interpretation of the holy book of Zohar, which was called Matok miDvash, refused the honor in his lifetime and did not even want to write his name on his sacred compositions. Only after they convinced him that we must know the author's name, he relented and wrote his name, adding in his humility: "If the students find a mistake in the annotation, they will know who authored it." He had the honor of multiplying his students and enlightening the eyes and hearts of Israel with the multitude of his great and instructive compositions that he distributed in the vineyard of the House of Israel and with his dedication to the souls of Israel.

Books of Baal Matok miDvash:

  • The Zohar edition with the meaning Matok miDvash dotted
  • His main composition is a commentary on the Book of Zohar called Matok miDvash, in simple language, according to the commentators in the way of receiving the Ari.
  • Yamei ahBaharut: intended for guys around Bar Mitzvah age. The book explains the essence of entering the life of Torah and mitzvot.
  • The day of the canopy for the groom: mental and spiritual preparation for the days before the wedding and the wedding day itself, with the addition of guidance according to the secret and Hasidism.
  • The day of the canopy for the bride: guidance for the wedding and married life.
  • And they told you: the role of each of the days of counting the Omer.
  • Kdusha veTzniut: guidance for young couples who want to increase the degree of conjugal holiness.                                                                                      Smirat haMahsheva - Keeping the thought - Laws, advice and virtues for keeping the thought.
  • Biur Matok miDvash on the book Otzrot Haim by Rabbi Chaim Vital.
  • Biur Matok miDvash on the book Shaar Gilgulim by Rabbi Chaim Vital.
  • Biur Matok miDvash on the Shaar Kavanot book by Rabbi Chaim Vital, part Shabbat.
  • Siddur Matok miDvash
  • Commentary Matok miDavsh on the Passover Haggadah
  • The Gates of Zohar - an introduction and guidance for all who come to enter the occult
  • Baal Metokh Medvash - the life story of Rabbi Daniel Frisch.
  • Nahar haDvash a river of honey - a testament to right leadership in life.
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