Baal Turim - מחבר קובץ יסודי של הלכה ארבע טורים

Rabbi Ya'akov ben Asher Baal Turim - רבנו יעקב בן אשר - בעל טורים

Rabbi Ya'akov ben Asher (1269 -1343 (ה'כ"ט - ה'ק"ג)), a halachic judge, is generally referred to as "Baal Turim"  - בעל טורים after the book of halacha he wrote, "Arba Torim". In the large reading editions of the five Pentacles of the Torah and after them in most printings of the Pentacles, his comments on gematria and the Masora and their connection to the words of the Sages were added under the title "Baal Torim"

Rabbi Ya'akov, the "Baal Torim", the third son of the Raash - רא''ש , was born in Germany in the city of Cologne, around the year 1269. As a youth he studied in his great father's Beit Midrash, where he learned to be ignorant of the way of learning of the Ba'il Tosaf and also acquired proficiency in the customs of the synagogue and the prayer customary Siddur in Ashkenaz number one.

In 1303 he fled with his father from Germany and stayed with him on his journey from Germany, through Savia and Provence, to Barcelona (where he was present at a halachic debate that took place between his father and the Rashba). When the Rabbi moved his seat to Toledo - to serve as the rabbi of the city and as the head of a seminary - Rabbi Jacob stayed in Barcelona for a while longer.

Rabbi Ya'akov lived with his family in the house of his elder brother, Rabbi Yechiel, and from him, he also received all his necessities. At that time, Rabbi Ya'akov was a student of his elder brother, and from time to time he asked his father in writing serious questions that occurred to him during his studies.

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